Conference Tracks and Topics

Track 1: Recent Advances & Challenges in Microbiota

Track 2: Microbiota-Host Cross-Talk and Signaling

Track 3: Metabolomics: Innovations and Methods

Track 4: Microbiota-Based Therapies Revolution: Medicine of Tomorrow

 Track 5: Microbiome and Phage Therapy

Track 6: Built Environment Microbiome

Track 7: Artificial Intelligence meets the Microbiome: Current Developments

Track 8: Targeting Microbiota for Healthy Ageing & Longevity 

Track 9: Microbiota-Derived Extracellular Vesicles 

Track 10: Skin Microbiome Strategies: Towards a Better Skin Health

 Track 11: Animal Microbiota Insights 

Track 12: Virome's Impact on Host Health

Track 13: Phageome Dynamics: Understanding Bacteriophages in Host Health

Track 14: Understanding Mycobiome: Impact of Fungi on Host Health

Track 15: Other Topics

Microbiota in the Press & Media

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