Gut Microbiome, Obesity and Diabetes

Hiroshi Ohno 1Prof. Hiroshi Ohno, RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences, Japan, will join Targeting Microbiota 2024 this October to give a presentation on his latest research: "Gut Microbiome, Obesity and Diabetes".

Accumulating evidence suggests the involvement of gut microbiome in the pathogenesis of diseases including obesity and diabetes. Gut microbial metabolites often is responsible for these diseases.

In his talk, Prof. Ohno,  will discuss the recently identified gut microbe-derived trans-unsaturated fatty acid elaidate is involved in obesity and diabetes. Containment of these responsible metabolites could be a promising strategy for preventive medicine.

About Prof. Ohno

Hiroshi Ohno is the team leader at RIKEN Center for Integrative Medical Sciences Laboratory for Intestinal Ecosystem. His group is interested in the intestinal immune system, especially the molecular mechanisms of the function and differentiation of M cells, a subset of intestinal epithelium specialized for uptake of particulate antigens such as bacteria and viruses. We are also studying the role of host-gut microbiota interaction on the host physiology and pathology.

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October 14-15, 2024 - Malta
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