Outstanding Presentation on Microbiota Manipulation for Cdkl5 Deficiency Disorder Receives Top Honors at Targeting Microbiota 2023

ISM 2023 Best Short Oral

Targeting Microbiota 2023 Best Short Oral Presentation Award

Francesca Damiani, from Scuola Normale Superiore, Italy, has been honored with the prestigious Best Short Oral Presentation award at Targeting Microbiota 2023. Her exceptional talk, titled "Microbiota Manipulation as a Potential Therapeutic Strategy to Improve Clinical Symptoms in CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder," stood out as a groundbreaking contribution to the field.

Cyclin-Dependent Kinase-Like 5 (CDKL5) deficiency disorder (CDD) is a rare X-linked developmental encephalopathy rooted in pathogenic variants of the CDKL5 gene. Beyond the array of neurological symptoms associated with CDD, patients frequently contend with gastrointestinal issues and underlying immune dysregulation as comorbidities. Dr. Damiani's research has shed light on the possible connection between these challenges and disturbances in the intestinal microbiota, specifically the presence of dysbiosis in CDD patients.

In her enlightening presentation, Dr. Damiani unveiled the promising clinical application of microbial manipulation as a non-invasive avenue to alleviate symptoms in individuals affected by CDD.

Dr. Damiani shared with the Internation Society of Microbiota (ISM) "Our research sheds light on the previously unexplored role of the gut microbiota-brain axis in influencing the behavioral and functional deficits observed in mouse models of CDD. In the future, we aim to elucidate the specific signals and pathways that mediate this connection, potentially offering innovative avenues for microbiota-based interventions in clinical practice. Moreover, to enhance the translational relevance of our findings, we plan to investigate the therapeutic potential of probiotic supplementation in CDD mice. In summary, targeting the intestinal microbiota could serve as a non-invasive alternative strategy to alleviate symptoms in CDD patients, and hopefully, in other neurodevelopmental disorders".

The International Society of Microbiota (ISM) extends its heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Damiani for her exceptional achievement. We eagerly anticipate learning more about her future research endeavors as she continues to make strides in the field of microbiota research.

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